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November 14, 2012


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Figurine tintin

great blog man:!! thanks


All this makes sense if this was just an ordinary election, but ordinary it was not.

With dozens of districts reporting 99% to 108% Obama votes, it is clear that cheating was going on. How much cheating we will never know, but while some over zealous cheaters decided to go overboard, we can pretty safely assume that other cheaters were more careful to make the results look less suspicious (not that it seems to matter anyhow, judging by the response to the tin-pot-dictatorship style results in those particular districts. America is still asleep).

What I am trying to say is that conditions will have to be pretty seriously bad before the American public is likely to be roused from their comatose slumber. Even then, winning an election under these hopelessly compromised circumstances may no longer be possible. the awakened public will have to be so angered as to force a constitutional convention, or failing that, armed insurrection.

I am not optimistic. I think the fat lady has started to sing, and all the Americans have to look forward to, is learning how to live under Marxism.


For the train wreak of the second term, the clear choice is to "go Galt"

Limit your exposure to American taxes by any legal means possible. Don't take on extra projects, new work or hire new employees in the United States if you work or do business across the border.

Remember the moochers onlyu know how to loot you when there is no threat of retribution, they cannot create wealth. Don't offer any for them to loot.

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