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November 26, 2012


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Like you, Cincinnatus, I've been preaching the same thing for weeks now.
No matter what Boehner does, he is going to be the chump.

The key to winning this is to always throw it back at Obama while not really being sincere.

Something like this: While making an announcement about some bogus agreement with Obama, have an aide whisper something in your ear (this is on national television)
Say, "I was going to announce a deal with the President, but at the last minute the President has back out of the deal we cut, therefore, there is no deal" This is a twofer, you get to roll the media and the President at the same time.
In reality you never planned to compromise anyway.


They don't have 4 years due to the midterms. I think the best thing to do is just roll BUT say that you believe it's the wrong course of action. This sets up an I told you so...


All great suggestions. I doubt the federal Republicans will do anything like it though. I think the GOP will continue to pander to the MSM, hoping (almost insanely) that they will suddenly like them.

If there is any hope in the US, it lies with the states, who are overwhelmingly Republican, and not afraid to behave like conservatives.

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