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December 10, 2012


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Nicola T.

I agree. We even had the leadership of a political party in Quebec influenced since 'Infoman' decided to take out a party membership and vote in the now defunct (merged with Legault's new party) A.D.Q. The leadership contest was lost by one vote.

The other people I can't stand are the ones who throw pies in public figures faces (usually those on the right) and think this is so funny.


There is definitely more to this story than meets the eye, the reason being that the nurse who killed herself wasn't the one who was actually pranked. She merely answered the phone and then redirected the call to another nurse who was the prank victim. There had to have been deeper, hidden personal issues in play here.


---"But to me, what is worse than the unfair treatment those DJ’s are getting,"
I agree with your opinion that the nurse should not have been so fragile and should have "bucked up".

This is true.

But really I do not think in any way that the DJs are being unfairly treated. If anything they should be treated more harshly.

You are right. Life isn't fair.

But if it isn't fair to a an innocent nurse who hasn't done anything to anyone why should it be *MORE* fair to a couple of snotty smart asses at a radio station who think that every absurd B.S. syllable out of their mouths is a comedic gem?

The "mob" (as you call them) who are attacking these two are quite right to show thier disgust and outrage.

Nothing else seems to get these dicks attention. So maybe a healthy dose of "mob justice" is just the ticket.

Maybe some good old fashioned shaming will knock some sense into these asshole's heads. Lord knows nothing ELSE has apparently done so.

Or perhaps we should let slimy lawyers, pompous pontifcating judges, sleazy public relations people and air headed counsellors handle it so the blame can be spread far & wide & thin enough that it becomes lost.

I am sick to death of these dick head media people reaching ever further down into the shit heap for their precious fame.

Screw those two. They can go on TV & blubber (while the cameras are rolling) all they want. No matter how much they suffer they still won't be sufferring as much as the family of the nurse.


I would also like to say I like your blog a lot and 99% of the time I agree with you but this one we are far apart on.

Please, for those who also might be thinking that the poooooor litle DJs are getting to rough a time, ask yourself this question:What
if the nurse had committed suicide (or simply died) in such a manner that no one knew it was connected to the radio show? (example - she leaves no suicide note but deliberately drives her car into a passing train).

In other words if she died without people being able to connect the DJs to her death do you still think the DJs would give a damn?

Of course they wouldn't.

There would be no tears shed (right on cue) for the cameras for this woman. Zip nothing.

You dismiss their guilt by pointing out that they are PAID to do these things and their "customers" (the listening public) expect it of them.

Not much of a defence.

Drug dealers, hookers, loan sharks and pornographers get paid for what they do and are eagerly supported by their customers, does this make what they do ok?

These skeezs deserve all thy get and more.


We still don't even know if she did "take her own life". Cause of death has not been determined yet.

As to the msm pointing fingers at the djs well isn't that cute. No honor among thieves now a days is there?

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