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December 28, 2012


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You're kidding. Stephen Harper is the nastiest political combatant in Canadian history. H destroyed the reputation of good and talented men, like Irwin Cotler, Stephane Dioand Micheal Ignatieff. How much meaner do you want Harper to be?


Oh, Stephen Harper is just fine.

I just wish our American cousins the same kind of success.


Oh Stan lighten up fella, you've been a loyal Liberal commenting warrior, albeit to no avail for years now on newspaper blogs.

I would correct, that Mr. Cotler retains his worthy perch in Montreal society but he'll never again take for granted his own constituents, of which PM Harper clearly noticed and usurped him cleanly;

Mr. Dion, a polite little CarbonWorld dreamer in academia proved clearly out of his depth politically; Liberals themselves dumped him faster than a Rotten Ronnies burger gone bad.

And then the most satisfying come down Canadians may have ever seen. Just visiting, was more correct than anyone could have ever guessed. Once it was plain that the anointment was not happening, the quickening sense of entitlement, coalesced into a sort of embarrassing self-preservation.

That stinging you still feel is your memory on repeat Mr Ignatieff.

Ray K.

That's because "columnist" is the part of "libertarian columnist" that's most important to her.


The Harper Haters must have special powers of detection because I don't understand where the hatred comes from... but since Stan mention 3 non-descript Liberal performers with dubious achievements, if any, maybe he's just taking the mickey?

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