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January 09, 2013


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US gun owners are in for a tough time.

Federally Obama can enact various anti-gun measures by Executive Order. In the Blue States, such as with Cuomo in NY, state governments will deliver even harsher measures.


There is little evidence that the GOP has regained consciousness since the election. I think that's why Obama is shooting his wad.

There is a high probability of a catastrophe here.


Hi Wiseguy:

Notice that I am not basing any of my hopes on the current GOP congressional leadership. They have proven themselves useless.

It is grassroots conservatives and freedom activists that I am counting on.


The second amendment is not about hunting, or even about home protection. Its provenance derives from the opening paragraph of the Declaration of Independence as well as its propinquity to the third amendment. It is to make governments fearful of the governed.

Piers Morgan fan

You are an incredibly stupid blogger aren't you. You don't give a damn about how many people are blown to pieces by these military type assault rifles. All you care about is your right to own a gun. How many more massacres will it take before you guys quite saying we need more guns and start realizing we need less guns. There is already 300 million firearms in the US while 11,000 Americans are murdered by guns every year while in Britain who has much tougher gun laws only 35 people are murdered by guns every year.

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