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January 03, 2013


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Time for Boehner to go.


Cinn. You're wrong on this one in a way. The GOP has no ability to frame any debate. They have no spokesperson for the entire party. Obama speaks for democrats and has the gravitas (a least to his fawning media) to get his voice heard loud and often.
Nobody really listens to Boehner. He is dead in the water before he even opens his mouth.
The key is to just simply not negotiate with Obama. Pass single item bills or short bills that simply stick it to him. Announce the bills to the public and then go home.
Let Obama and Reid find some way to deny military payroll (which might be tied to a DOE money withdrawal.)
Let Obama veto a civil service bill that pays fed. employees.
That's how you win. If he can't negotiate he can't even propose anything else.
Is he going to veto pensions in order to increase funding to the food stamp program or his immigration executive orders?/ I think not.

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