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November 01, 2013


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don morris

Pretty good statement you wrote for Ford,let's see if has the sense to use it or something similar.

Bill Blair is a disgrace to the Police service.The man has made clearly political statements with the knowledge that people will infer the police have "the goods" on Ford,when they have nothing of the sort.

Blair,like most members of the CACoP, is a politician, not a cop any more.


Don't you have any standard? Why would any conservative nwho believes in law and order support Rob Ford?


This is not a bad idea. Certainly better than rolling over for his enemies. Especially Chief Blair, who may be angling for a run at the Mayor's job.


@Fred - lesser of many evils? Don't vote is the stupidest of many options.

Nicola Timmerman

This so reminds me of how the unions and the media ganged up on Larry O'Brien, the former mayor of Ottawa who had a conservative agenda. He spent most of his time embroiled in a court case with trumped up charges. Because of the majority of leftist council members and the time consuming trial, he was unable to implement his reformist ideas and eventually was not reelected because people were tired of the whole story.
Leftists never accept that a conservative is elected (see Harper with his majority) and work to undermine conservative candidates by any means. This is insidious as who in their right mind would run for office as a conservative these days?

Alberta Dude

Why do we expect so little of our politicians? Ford should step aside get himselff cleaned up then run again. Detoxifying and drying out while he is mayor will significantly distract him from his duties. We all need Toronto to be successful.. Cities are the major drivers of our economy.


Actually this is very poorly written statement. Speaking from experience is Rob Ford released this, AA would have nothing to do with him. I can't even begin to explain to you the errors in this one single paragraph

"I've read that the eigth step of this journay will be to apologize to those I have wronged, and while I have a long way to go before I can reach that eighth step, I would like to take a moment apologize to my family for the times I have not been home while out drinking, and to my staff for the extra work and stress I have caused them. They have all been very supportive."

If you are going to write a line of believable bullshit, you should maybe research the AA process first.

MIke Downtown

@Philipq Perhaps wikipedia got it wrong. I draw your attention to the wikipedia entry for the 12 steps:


Which are not to be confused with the twelve traditions.

As for the apology part of AA, a relative who struggled with alcohol joined AA and surprised me one day by calling to apologize for the damage he had done to me and my family. He stated it was one of the twelve steps to sobriety.

My respect for AA comes from the fact that he has been sober for 6 years now.

I read the wiki entries on AA and I know it's not for everyone, but I thank the organization for saving my relative (and he's a friend again too)

MIke Downtown

@Fred. I understand your concern, but I do have strong law and order standards: a person is not guilty of anything until they have been charged and convicted by a jury of their peers. Everything else is speculation.

I also understand that the circumstantial evidence certainly suggests pot use. An "crack expert" on Salon.com last May stated Rob Ford's weight alone makes it unlikely that he is a crack user. Ever heard the expression cocaine thin?

So Rob Ford may have been doing what Justin Trudeau has admitted to doing (pot smoking) and wants to legalize.

I've found the hypocrisy on the left amusing. Trudeau is progressive for having admittedly used marijuana, and Ford should resign for being suspected of using marijuana.


So Rob Ford may have... etc
The operative word is "may" there.
You have no idea what he was smoking, but you are ready to insist it is pot just so you can make an equivalence with Trudeau and call people hypocrites.

This is a poor argument based on nothing but the imagination and wishful thinking.

If Ford is an addict of any sort then he shouldn't be running a major city, he should be getting treatment and the stress of his job will not help with that.


to MIke Downtown

I am speaking from personal knowledge of the AA process, not going to go into details about that (if you under stood AA you would know why)

The 8 step process is a very long, arduous, difficult and soul searching process. It is not just releasing a presser and using as a political prop.

If ford did anything like what was stated above, AA would have nothing to do with him.


Dear Harebell:

By that logic, the other choice in the 2010 mayoral contest - George Smitherman - was a no-go either, as he confessed to a 5-year addiction to what he variously called a "party drug" and a "stimulant". In the recent brou-ha-ha over his temporarily missing husband, he issued a curiously worded statement that hinted that these problems might not possibly be entirely behind him.

Taking your logic further still, I guess it was a shame that Great Britain was under the command of somebody who consumed a mint of whiskey a day during World War II. Too bad England didn't have a squeaky clean boy scout like Dalton McGuinty as its head during those critical years.


Cincinnatus, you could also have mentioned the perpetually inebriated founding father of Canada, Sir John A. MacDonald. Sometimes an addiction is just another facet of a great man.

As to whatever Ford was smoking, I was going to suggest that the rest of council take it up, until I realized that many of Ford's enemies have already been smoking it since Woodstock, and it hasn't done them a whit of good.

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