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February 25, 2014


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Agreed 100%. Obama is weak-kneed and will ignore the issue as long as possible.


Having Carolyn Parrish stomp on a George Bush doll worked for Chretien


Don't hold your breath.


He has a lot to lose by escalating. His foreign policy looks ineffectual, he adds fuel to the fire when JT repeatedly links the failure to get the pipeline approved with weak environmental policy.

old white guy

as long as barryo is in office there will be no keystone pipeline. he would let americans starve, freeze and lose all their jobs before he would allow the keystone pipeline. people are just not paying attention to the very serious problem that is Obama.

John T

Well, I agree Obama's been a real sleaze-ball on this. The only reason for non-approval thus far is politics. He just wants to get through the 2014 mid-terms before having to make a decision. He knows darn well what the right decision is (though perhaps not for his friend Buffett who wants to move the oil by train - a very foolish idea but money talks.) And of course he has to appease the environmentalists, who think the North American economy can run on pixie-dust and moonbeams.

My own view is that right now quiet is better. Wait for the right moment, like when America needs Canada on-board with some foreign adventure or some other need (and there will be such a time)then say, uh, sorry pal, you gave us the shaft (or in this case didn't give it), so now tit-for-tat, see you later.


John T - We already missed that opportunity with Libya. It was perfect timing too, I seem to remember bringing this up with the Cincinnatus at the time.

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