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February 24, 2014


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I'm glad you can be so optimistic. Three things I would like to point out.

I think that Obama's failure in Syria (and Putin's victory) is a good thing. I would like to have seen similar failures in Egypt and Libya, but perhaps western style democracy can still win out over radical Islam (but I am not holding my breath). Some places still need to be ruled by dictators (mostly Moslem places it seems).

The other thing is the rapidly decaying USA. We all like to think that the cradle of liberty could never give in to tyrants, but every day the western world ignores the massive upheavals that are going on there (for example the refusal of the President to uphold the law, as passed by Congress). I worry we are witnessing changes that future generations will puzzle over endlessly, wondering how we could not see it happening before our eyes.


Finally, why is Saudi Arabia ignored in all of this. Without their funding, most terrorists and terror supporting regimes in the world would have no money to fight western revolutionaries (in favour of Islamic dictators). It's time to deal with the cause of the problem, anti-oil liberals, who have given the Saudis their wealth by opposing western energy independence.

All problems lead to liberals.

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