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February 06, 2014


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don morris

Those 9 rules by Robert Peel are, except for number 1, being egregiously violated by our police forces in Canada, especially the RCMP.

The police today act more like an occupying army than fellow citizens. After the notorious Dziekanski case,in which the RCMP lied about the facts until a private citizens video revealed the ugly truth, respect for the RCMP plummetted.

The recent actions in High River did the Force no good either. No wonder so many minor crimes go unreported when citizens are afraid to get involved with police.

The shaven-headed, armored cop of today resembles more the skinhead gangsters than a person sworn "to serve and protect" the citizenry.

, "the police need to return to the time tested principles of Sir Robert Peel" You are absolutely correct. A copy of Peel's Nine Rules should be E-mailed to the Justice Minister.

Dollops - Eric Doll

I take issue with the first of Peel's laws. It should read "To be a visible and respectable deterrent to crime and disorder.." "Preventing" the actions of free citizens is what the nanny state is all about.

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