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March 03, 2014


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Dan Mancuso

Mr. Cininnatus;
Are you saying that Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and Obama aren't race-baiters?


Yes they are race baiters, all of them; and furthermore, Al Sharpton has real, human blood on his hands. But you know what?

1. Reminiscing about your old neighbourhood and complaining about the changes that have occurred to it since your childhood isn't race baiting. If we defined race baiting so expansively, then who among us isn't a race baiter?

2. Freedom of speech protects race baiting. This may sound like a weird point, but with the march of political correctness and the ever-shrinking boundaries of permissible speech, if there is any hope of us keeping our freedoms we have got to start standing up for the other guy's freedom to speak. Our precious rights are far more important than mere partisan score-settling.

Dan Mancuso

Mr. Cincinnatus;
I wasn't arguing your points...
Who among us indeed!
I get demonizing labels applied to me regularly for speaking obvious truths in our PC Brave New World.It ain't gonna' stop me from standing up and saying what I think!
"Freedom of speech protects race-baiting."!Don't I know it!
I stand behind Voltaire's sentiments about free speech - with my own guns!
The uneven playing field in the FUBARack Obama/Eric Holder (and fellow travelers)America is a 'hard ball' to swallow!(I have a 1911)
The last Spike Lee film I saw was 'Jungle Fever', I went with my (at the time)very black, East Indian girlfriend...
The Constitutional Republic of America, as an ideal, is one of those "precious rights" that are truly meant for everyone on this planet, Canadians included. More's the pity the scoundrels in power, ever since the Founding Fathers wrote it down, have gutted it...
All political parties are the same - in the US, in Canada, in the west in general...Our only real hope as citizens of our sovereign nations lies in the info available on the internet by those willing to put it out there Mr. Cincinnatus, and those willing and able to hear it and then act on it...

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