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April 15, 2014


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I have also thought of this issue. There should be a declining scale for couples who have children. by the time you have three, you should be tax exempt for life.

old white guy

what a poor demented human that person is. everyone makes choices in their life and those choices have consequences. I paid exorbitant taxes while my wife and I raised our family and I did not expect anyone who did not have kids to give the government more money to waste.

Auto Guy

I have two kids, work hard and pay a lot of taxes. My reward is the joy of having a family. I don't need a leg up. When other people show me their wonderful lifestyle in their childless homes, I ask them who will mourn them when they are gone? And then I feel pity.


How about this. I and my partner have five children between us all of whom are working and paying taxes. So when our government pensions arrive each month we can with clear conscience take them as we have offspring contributing to the pot.
Now of our five, three have opted to have no children, the other two, still up in the air (one sis still not married).
Would it not be fair that those who have not contributed progeny to continue to pay into "the pot", should not on retirement be allowed to collect anything from "the pot"?

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