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April 30, 2014


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Auto Guy

Gotta agree. Go ahead and boycott the Clippers if you want. This is supposed to be a free speech democracy, and that is how you treat his behaviour. But to ban him from the league gives the league itself power it shouldn't have. Here's the real kicker; NOBODY is decrying this move. NOBODY is defending free speech. Well, EVERYBODY better be ready; if somebody else gets to decide what we can and can't say, eventually we'll all get kicked out of the league.


Isn't Sterlings family also sueing her for millions of dollars? Another reason to trap him.


The right response to this is for Sterling to sue the NBA into oblivion. The liberals' heads will explode, but the system must be protected from political correctness by having the politically correct pay a price.


The NBA may have a legal framework that allows them to punish, even exclude Sterling; something he would have signed onto. I would think they do not have the framework to fine him, for private remarks made in his home. US 1st amendment is pretty clear, especially if his remarks were obtained illegally.
Further I suspect a lot of players private conversations would not stand up to the same scrutiny were they to be publicized. How may citizens
candid remarks really would?


The NBA is within their constitution to ban sterling for life, he cannot change that through the courts, however he may be able to challenge the selling of the team. If the commissioner gets 3/4 of owners to support a forced sale I am not sure how he can fight it. I agree it was a private conversation and free speech should be protected, but a pro sports leagues have the power to police itself, punishments can be handed out even when laws haven't been broken. The owners are bound by those rules when they sign collective bargaining agreements with the players and sign the league constitution. Also where race is involved I wouldn't want to be the guy to defend this man, a gaming community manager was just fired yesterday for only tweeting support. Companies don't want to be associated with people like that and employees don't want to lose their jobs for supporting people like sterling.


NBA is rigged , hands down.

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