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April 03, 2014


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Dan Mancuso

Mr. Cincinnatus;
Not that I'm disagreeing with your reasoning based on the facts you present, but I would like to add this to the equation.
You seem to be suggesting that the Russians move out of the Crimea and what Tatars are left, after Stalin's genocide, move back in.
Does that reasoning extend to the idea that all us white folk in Canada should move back to Europe and give the country back to the Indians, or that the Jews should all move out of Palestine and give it back to, to, to the Jordanians, I suppose?
Just to qualify this, I am a rabid anti-Communist, anti-Obama and a very pro-gun and pro-self defense kind of man and a big fan of the idea of a Constitutional Republic of America.


Good point Dan.

No, I do not advocate that.

What I do advocate for is the making life difficult for neo-Czarists like Putin. The primary purpose of which is to dissuade him from further adventures.

I am not suggesting that further deportations are the answer, either in the Crimea or elsewhere.


Oh come on now. Crimea the ancestral home land of the Tatars? The Tatars were the descendants of the Golden Horde ( Mongols) who conquered the territory round about the 1250's A D. Before that the land was held by the Kievan Rus, descendants of the Vikings and before that by the Byzantines and before that by the Romans.
And if we are going to play the indigenous card, the Jews were in Palestine for 2500 years before Mohammed was born.


Some years ago I visited the Crimea and learned that the Ukrainian government had developed a policy to welcome back the descendants of the original Tatars and subsidize their relocation. I visited some of their Crimean settlements and even spoke to some of them. They HATE the Russians. These are some pretty tough people and will not settle peacefully in the new Russian Crimea. Good luck Putin!

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