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April 23, 2014


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You used to make sense, not you are just being silly. First you want to arm the Tartars to fight a civil war in Crimea, then you find some kind of conspiracy theory about Lenin's birthday, now you want Canada to play hardball with the U.S.

Who are you anyway and what have you done with the real Cincinnatus


Conspiracy theory?

Look up Lenin's birthday on Wikipedia and the first Earth Day. It's just a fact.

You can't make this stuff up.

Auto Guy

OK, I certainly don't agree with the comments Copinacus made, but I do disagree with you on this subject.
First, I don't believe that the final decision on Keystone is made. After the next midterm election Obama will have ZERO responsibilities to the Dems. His electoral career will be over. He could easily trade away the Keystone thing for other advantages. I grant that this is unlikely, but it is possible. Regardless, we need to look long term. We are better off sending our oil south than west; allies to the south will continue to buy, the countries on the Pacific rim may not.
Next, bringing pressure on Obama has brought zero results in the political arena. He has a nasty habit of doubling down on criticism and - like him or not - turning it to his advantage. The pressure brought against Bush worked because the media hated Bush and supported ANY criticisms. The opposite is true in this case - the US media (outside of Fox) have been 'carrying water' for Obama since 2008. Making loud criticisms on an environmental issue where the rhetoric is charged could backfire very easily. And clearly there are some deep pockets in the US opposing Keystone.
You are right that Harper could gain domestically, but I have always deplored using foreign policy to support local popularity. I won't change my stripes because it helps Conservatives.
My opinion (for what it is worth) would be to wait things out. This pipeline would be in use for 50+ years; a delay of another 3 (waiting for a new president) won't matter that much.

Dan Mancuso

"It sounds dangerous to antagonize the US but it isn't."
What about FUBARack Obama's 'kill list' and what about the precedent all ready being set for violating Canada's air space with drones?
You know how the lefty/liberal/progressive socialists love to attack the person, not the message, when the person speaks truth to their absolute corrupt power...
Look up...and be afraid!


Actually I totally agree with Cincinnatus. In fact, Harper should inform Canadians that he no longer believes Obama (remember, Obama lies!) and he is going to exercise every power available to Ottawa to expand capacity in Canada's east-west pipeline system. If that means fighting Indians and western Premiers to create a British Columbia terminus, so be it!


There's a certain treaty that if repealed would embarrass Obama and make Canada stronger at the same time.

Ukraine upheld a similar treaty and it looks like its going to cost them more than half their country.

If we left The non-proliferation agreement it would cut right at the heart Obama's grand visions. It would underline our contempt and mistrust with the White House's assurances and demonstrate a subtle yet unmistakable retaliation for the absurd Keystone policy.

We wouldn't even have to build a single nuke.

As a bonus it would actually make Canada stronger and independent which is the right thing to do in the end.


Harper has already embarrassed obama and kerry (our no vote on UN gun control).
Keystone is a no-brainer for both economies, yet obama is playing politics with it. If he thinks this will divert attention from obamacare in the Nov 14 elections, he is sorely misled (again).
The only thing that angers me about these pipelines is that the refineries are not in Canada. We need the jobs.
PS, nice site. I found via American Thinker.


JettieG - Good point about the refineries. come to think of it, Harper could score a major coup if he could get a major refinery built here, say in Saskatchewan (an Alberta refinery might look too self serving).

Would really help the Tories there too.

Auto Guy

Refineries are almost impossible to build in Canada with our environmental regs. Well, you could build one but it isn't economically viable.
I do like the idea of leaving the non-proliferation agreement. That would send a message...


Your raise a good point Auto Guy, I mean specifically about the refineries. We need to do something about the environmental regs so that building them becomes viable again. Not having refineries in Canada doesn't do any good for the environment. They are just relocated to third world countries where anything goes. We lose jobs and tax revenue and the environment is worse off.

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