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January 22, 2015


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Dan Mancuso

“Ernst Zundel and his secret Liberal past”
What comes to mind when I hear Ernst Zundel's name mentioned is the so-called Human Rights Tribunal. This kangaroo-court established that one could not use the truth in one’s defense!
The other thing that comes to mind is the Canadian government issuing a Security Certificate to persecute this man because he was 'declared' a 'threat to national security'. These Security Certificates are a means to prosecute that lacks any democratic value because there is no Habeas Corpus and no due process involved - basic fundamentals of democratic justice!
Then that brings us to the 'thought crime' laws in Europe - the Holocaust Denial laws - where Mr. Zundel was deported to face a certain indictment and incarceration, by the issuance of the Security Certificate!
What ever your views as a Canadian about Ernst Zundel and his writing - I'm pro-Israel - Mr. Zundel's prosecution and yes persecution has illustrated a very dark and nasty side to this country!


Well stated, Dan. I agree completely. It would have been better to allow the public light shine on Zunden and to allow others to show how ridiculous he was instead of the state getting involved. That he was a nutter there is no doubt, but the claim that he was some kind of national security risk or even a threat to Canadian Jews remains nonsense. Today we have allowed among us a population inciting violence and death to Jews, which is illegal, and I am not referring to so-called hate speech, yet that is ignored. These people contrary to Sundial are clearly a threat to national security and compared to them Zundel was just a lone nutter who posed no threat other than to himself.


This is insulting to one's intelligence. To use your logic, Anders Breivik, the Norwgian serial killer was a conservative. Therefore all conservatives should be suspected serial killers why does our lame MSM not report this important fact.

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