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January 07, 2015


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Auto Guy

America will continue to grow despite Liberal policies is the point. In general I agree, but we have to be wary of the destructive potential of liberal policies. Most every major city in the US that has been run by liberal policies (think Detroit, Washington, St. Louis, New Orleans, etc...) has been gutted. Widespread blight, racial animosity, terrible education/literacy issues, crimecrimecrime, etc.
The point is that Obama hasn't been able to sink the US. Liberal policies still have that capacity I believe, they just haven't done it yet. Perhaps the Republican State Revolution will continue to safeguard a great country.


Hi Auto Guy:

I hear your points. But as Edmund Burke once said, "there is a lot of ruin in a nation". Take for instance Detroit, the city worst hit by liberalism. Its population is at an all-time low and falling. People are voting with their feet. Thanks to federalism and localism, the problem is correcting itself.


you might want to review the real unemployment numbers as opposed to the markets and the glut of money created and funneled into the markets. with between 18 and 23% of americans out of work that is not what I would called an economic recovery.


Hi Oldwhiteguy:

I am aware of all those maladies you mentioned. My point is not that the American economy is doing swell all around, but that renewal can happen even if the ruling class is a bunch of buffoons. And to further that point, I brought out ONE example, a crucially, important example that none of the six American leaders had any role in developing. And rest assured, low oil prices are a crucial factor. It works like a giant across-the-board tax cut to counter all the negative aspects of the economy you listed.

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