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February 17, 2015


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The EU would be fine if it operated like it did pre-Maastricht Treaty which was a common market, otherwise similar to NAFTA, but a bit more integrated. It was when the EU decided to take on several nation like characteristics you started to get problems and while much of the public supported it initially, they generally only got one sided propaganda and despite that the public was far from united. Some have suggested making the EU more democratic, but that would just make it ineffective as you would have a whole whack of parties and unstable coalitions, otherwise worse than Italy and Israel. As you allude you cannot merge countries that are culturally distinct. Sure Europe has some things in common, but not nearly enough to be even a loose federation.

On immigration, the problem is most European countries have birth rates below replacement levels so either birth rates have to rise or they need immigration. A better solution would be to move to a points system so they take in skilled immigrants as well as also mandating every immigrant must within 3 years pass a language test to show competency in the local language or leave. If you cannot speak the language of the country you are in, you will never go far. Also multiculturalism and high levels of immigration will get different responses. Canada, US, Australia, and New Zealand are countries founded by immigrants unlike Europe never mind they have more room to grow as well so their immigration rates should be higher. If you look at just the land suitable for habitat, Canada should have a bigger population than every European country with perhaps the exception of Russia.


A lot of good ideas Money.

I liked the pre_Maastrich EU as well. Basically a free trade zone designed to bind Germany and France together so they don't go to war with each other. Considering recent history, a good idea. It was all the institutions brought on by Maastrich where things started to get wonky.


Canada has similar issues. Does anyone think that PEI is as productive as Alberta? So we balance things through transfer payments.
Of course, if PEI spends itself into oblivion... I guess it turns into Greece.
The strange part of all this is that the Islamic immigration issue may be the only thing capable of truly uniting indigenous Europeans.


At least in Canada the Conservative government has boosted our economy allowing people to attain unsurpassed wealth where the average income for labourers in near 6 figures. As far as immigration goes the conservative have all but capped immigration to ensure that these well paying jobs are available for Canadians and Canadians only.


Dear Autoguy:

I was thinking the same thing, about Islamic immigration uniting Europe. Though it seems counterintuitive to the we-are-the-world types, there is nothing like a common enemy to unite disparate groups together. I sense a blog post coming on this subject.


I look forward to that post Cincinnatus. Can you imagine the future possibilities? Far fetched ones include a truly integrated EU military created to fight a credible Muslim military threat. Nothing like fighting beside someone to form bonds...

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