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February 19, 2015


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What can I say. You absolutely nailed it again.

It will probably take another 50 years for the rest of the world to learn this lesson, by which time it may be too late.


All we can do to combat this is champion Common Sense. Most people probably scoff (at least internally) when they hear some 'nth wave feminist' shriek about the Patriarchy and the intersectionality of microagressions. This is common sense at its best - when we need it the most.

Dan Mancuso

"By feminist theory, this does not compute." C'mon, you're talkin' women here...every month women go on an insane hormonal rampage - and completely deny it!
The only BDSM film I would ever watch would be one where the woman has no dialogue, is bare foot, is chained to a stove and actually cooks...one not likely to be written or directed by radical feminists!
'We never really know what we had until it's gone', is not a trite cliche - unless you're a man-hating, family-hating radical feminist...
Exploding lefty/progressive heads will always be great entertainment!

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