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March 26, 2015


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Typical of our "big government" leaders, the lesson they learned from flight 93 was that they must stop ordinary people from defending themselves by treating them as the problem, disarming them and virtually imprisoning them during a flight.

Even unarmed, 150 ordinary people will successfully overcome 1 to 4 terrorists, now that they know it will be a matter of life or death.


I was flipping radio talk show channels yesterday and found that all of them were discussing mandatory reporting of pilot medical issues by doctors.

These clowns are thinking that they can plug every hole in their top down, big government security system, while the dangerous people continue to find ways to exploit weaknesses. I can predict that pilots will now stop going to see their doctor, for fear of their, soon to arrive, catastrophic powers. I also foresee a future conspiracy between a co-pilot and a stewardess to hijack the next plane-load of restrained and disarmed passengers.

All the while, we continue to use 60s technology to analyze flight data of crashed aircraft, after the event is complete, when we can find it. Live streaming of flight data could have saved this plane by allowing the flight controllers to listen live to the sounds of the Captain trying to return to the cockpit after the unexpected descent had begun. Once a hijacking was detected, this airplane was equipped with the anti-hijack feature of remote flight.

We are lead by incompetent politicians, who always choose the "magic pill", without ever considering the consequences of their simple minded "solutions".


WiseGuy, just remember the Alynski premise, "Never let a crisis go to waste". The things talked about - mandatory doctor reporting and all that - aren't necessarily about solving this problem. It could very well be about control. If we have to have mandatory reporting for airline pilots, how about bus drivers? How about teachers? How about anyone 'in charge' of public groups of people? Certainly, calling for a solution to this tragedy is understandable, but the implications of state control are horrific.
We have fallen into the trap of "this must never happen again!" THAT always winds up with us handing power over to more bumblecrats.


Autoguy, I think you may have it right. These politicians are not incompetent so much as they are despots, aiming for ever more control.

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