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March 13, 2015


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Dan Mancuso

It's all good and well to recognize the silver lining of a 'good slugfest', decimating the ranks of the lefty progressives and collectivists, but, given the so-called leadership of the GOP as well as the infestation of so many RINOs and their egos, agenda and treason, a 'win' for the Democrats in the next presidential election seems likely - God forbid!
Most likely scenario; a 'third term' for Emperor Obama;
or Hillary, gets shoehorned in;
or third most likely, an unknown enters the picture - kinda like how Obama came out of nowhere...
Since the 'conspiracy theory' that the president and secretary of state are appointed, not elected, is probably true, we'll get what we're given and we'll like it!


Except she's lost to the left wing loons before in open declared combat. She's the original birther for pete's sake and that wasn't some silly notion either there's more meat to it. Anyway she's toast against Warren, Obama, Jarret and Axle grease. They'll destroy her while Warren or Moochelle take up the reins.


Mark Belling, on Rush's show last week suggested that Michelle Obama will be the Democrat nominee.

Watch out for another eight years of destruction.


Tinfoil-hat conspiracies aside, who else do the Dems have to put up there? Warren is seen by most as too lefty, and there is a bunch of anti-lefty backlash right now thanks to Obama.
I see the slugfest happening. Could mean a seriously weakened opponent for (hopefully) Scott Walker.

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