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April 13, 2015


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Fat Tony

Stephan Harper, the chess master


Expect the Leftist MSM to fall back on the old saw, "voters react to attack ads" or "polls show that attack ads boomerang on PC's".
Translation: if the PC's talk about the huge holes in Leftist policies, it needs to be muzzled. If the left attacks the PC's, its a principled investigation.
Hopefully Harper can deal effectively with it. The MSM will go ALL IN for Trudeau. He is their best bet (at least in their eyes) to unseat Harper, so they will pull out all the stops (note the Duffy media circus).


All of that is good. Just as simple and just as effective will be pointing to the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals in Ontario and say "You really want more of this - vote for Justin."
Now granted - some in Ontario, especially in downtown Toronto want all of it and more, but the further you get from the downtown core, the less people want more of McGuinty/Wynne's policies. It's also a point that will resonate in the rest of Canada, since voters outside Ontario generally consider Ontario a basket-case, a shadow of its former self, and they're right.
The Ontario Liberal Government is Harper's secret weapon.


Hi John T:

I think your point about the Ontario Liberal government is well taken. They are Harper's secret weapon. Somebody has to fiscally responsible in this country!


Cincinnatus, nobody HAS to take fiscal responsibility. Why? Look to Obama. He's refused to be responsible and he continues to spend at breakneck speed. The "inevitable backlash" hasn't killed his career. Hard core leftists in Canada see that and realize with media control they might succeed in the same way. If the bill comes due, just present your creditors with a bill based on 'past injustices', like Greece did to Germany.
Seriously, this is an issue. There may not be enough economically literate people left in this province/country to prevent this kind of self inflicted economic meltdown.
I hope that people look at Ontario for what it is and recoil in horror. I'm just afraid that they won't.


I am not sure the OLP is as big a weapon as some think, after all they were only re-elected less than a year ago. Sure their fiscal policies are disastrous, but I get the impression, most want bigger spending as long as they don't pay for (make the rich and corporations pay, except the problem is there aren't enough of them, but most voters don't realize this) and with most being economically illiterate, many seem to think there is no limit to how much government can spend. Perhaps a better way is to compare to a household budget and how one must live within their means although many argue governments somehow are exempt from the laws of economics.


Monkey, you and I see eye to eye on this one. TOO many economically illiterate people...

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