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May 11, 2015


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How the red rag id potraying him.

Ontario PCs pick a pro-lifer to lead their rebirth:

a right-leaning, pro-life, anti-gay-marriage social conservative — the PCs may be in bigger trouble than previously imagined. Never mind the last four election losses, and the virtual disappearance of the PCs from the GTA’s electoral map.


While Patrick Brown is no doubt a great organizer, I cannot help but think the PCs may have shot themselves in the foot. Maybe I'm wrong, but my real worry is that as bad as the Liberals are, we will have the NDP win which is worse. It's not just his social conservatism, he just doesn't strike me as someone who has the experience necessary to be premier. Of the five leaders initially who entered the race, he probably had the thinnest resume of them all in many ways not too much like Justin Trudeau and seemed to win more based on ability to sign up many people rather than being qualified. We still have 3 years and maybe he will surprise us, but everything I've seen so far of him shows he is not ready to be premier in experience. His social conservatism is not the main liability, rather people generally don't vote for someone who is seen as too inexperienced.

John T

In respect to monkey's comment - yes, I agree to a point with the inexperience factor, but how do you explain the fact that many Canadians are ready to throw out the experienced Harper and replace him with the very inexperienced and immature Trudeau? Or the fact that Albertans elected Notley and her crew? Now there's green and inexperienced for you. I think it's more a matter of when the electorate is ready for a change. When they are, it seems that experience doesn't matter that much.

I was not a Brown supporter, but am pleasantly surprised so far. I supported and voted for Christine Elliott who but she clearly ran out of gas and really lacks the passion needed to take on and soundly defeat Wynne. Whether or not Brown is that person remains to be seen, but one can only hope...


John T - Justin Trudeau may be polling high in the poll numbers but no guarantee he will win. In fact recent polls suggest Mulcair who whether one agrees or disagrees with his views may be a bigger threat and he certainly doesn't lack experience. As for Alberta, good point although Rachel Notley is probably just as if not slightly more experienced than Brian Jean. The real problem is more her caucus as at the outset of the election the party wasn't expected to be a factor outside Edmonton. My real worry is that Ontarioans may decide to throw the Liberals out, but will do so by electing the NDP which would be a disaster. Still Brown has 3 years to prove himself and we shall see.

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