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August 19, 2015


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Sandy Crux

Well said. Very thorough explanation. Thanks.


Spend 10 years slapping around the media and this cannot be a surprise to anyone. Its very wrong, but, so predictable.


Hi Bill G:

Remember what happened to Stockwell Day and Preston manning. They let the media slap them around. Harper didn't let that happen.

Harper realizes that no matter how well we treat them they will always treat us poorly because they disagree with us ideologically.

It is better to hold the whip than to let your enemy hold it.

(having said that, the handling of this crisis has been a text-book example of what not to do.)


nothing illegal was done. repayment of expenses that were approved is hardly a criminal activity. what is criminal is the way this nonsense is being made out to be the crime of the century. remember, all of duffy's expenses were approved.


It really is Duffy's fault and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing him in an orange jump suit behind bars. Not likely to happen, though. The Senate expense rules are too convoluted.
Was this handled properly by the PMO? Of course not, though there was no easy solution once Duffy said he wouldn't pay back the $90K. (I wonder how he is paying his lawyer Bayne's fees which I am sure will come to way more than 90K in the end?) The PMO staffers bent themselves into a pretzel trying to get out of this and hide it from Harper. (That's what PMO's are for, partly, to shield the boss from the bad stuff. They all do it.)
But all in all, it doesn't give the appearance of being handled well. Illegal? Probably not. And in the end the taxpayer was reimbursed.

People ask me, "How can you vote for Harper after this?" And I answer - for the same reason that the Public Service Unions supported Wynne in the 2014 Ontario election. Everyone in Ontario knew that there was (and still is) a deep culture of rot and corruption in the Premier's office and in the OLP. Yet the Public Service unions figured that it was in their best interests to support Wynne. They figured (quite rightly as it turns out) that she was the one who had their best interests at heart. So they supported her in spite of the rot and the waste.
And that's why I am voting for Harper in spite of this relatively small matter or anything lese that is supposedly wrong with him. The Conservatives are far and away the party the best represents my interests. The others don't come close. Therefore I will happily cast my ballot for my local CPC member and candidate.


Hey John T:

I wonder the same thing: does Donald Bayne really think Duffy has the cash to pay his legal bill, which by the time this is all over, must well exceed Duffy's $90K expense claim?


It is actually a serious endorsment of the Harper Government that this is the only "scandal" that the opposition can come up with.
I'm sure Hillary would be happy to trade places.


I think it is acceptable for the PMO to mislead Canadians. Telling Canadians that Duffy paid, when he didn't, is good honest transparent straight talk.


Yes you are right Henry.

it's all a deep, dark, shadow, sinister conspiracy to pay back the taxpayer expenses and doing it in such a way that the taxpayer didn't know that it was you who paid the money.

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