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October 22, 2015


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The only leader the Conservatives needs is one that can:
A) Learn to pick a proper cabinet that isn't full of criminals
B)Has the gonads to actually fire those in his party whom step out of line
C) Knows how to actually manage finances, because Harper in his infinite wisdom could not manage his own by nearly bankrupting his party (which had millions).


Whoever is chosen has to be prepared for the onslaught right away. I'm thinking another outsider would be best here. Definitely not a former cabinet minister. Anyone who was part of the cabinet will be attacked as being the same old same old.


A)What criminals were in Harper's cabinet? Seriously, name them. Del Mastro? I don't know that he was ever in cabinet. He might have been.

b) He fired a few. If he had fired even more it would have been another example of Harper's "iron-rule.

c) See discussion in the comments on the previous column. All parties are out of money after an election.

James: The leader that best fits your criteria is Brad Wall.


I would support Brad Wall; he is a good man.


Since we are going to a family inheritance type of system, like the U.S. has with it's Bush or Clinton Royal lines, I suggest we choose Ben Mulroney for leader.


Ben has charisma. I want experience. Still, it was worth a good chuckle...

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