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October 16, 2015


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The logic of using the incrementalist method is sound, however, we may soon witness the opposite strategy, if we are ignorant enough to elect Trudeau on Monday.
He will likely do all of his damage at the beginning of his term, and hope that the idiots who voted for him will forget the smaller pay cheques before the next election. This is the strategy they use. Seems to work for the provincial Liberals in Ontario at least.


No arguments with any of that. I have no skin in the game on gun control so can't really comment on that.

Actually I would say that the confirmation process for Supreme Court justices now seems to rest in the hands of the Supreme Court itself. The SC itself seems to decide who to accept or reject as a member of the "club." And woe betide someone who doesn't quite "fit" because of their conservative views.

Harper deserves re-election because of his overall (admittedly not perfect) competence and generally cautious and measured approach.
Canadians would be doing themselves a dis-service by electing Trudeau. It might make them feel good for a short time but reality will soon hit. His charisma and sunny optimism will soon melt away in the light of harsh realities at home and abroad. Justin is very shallow indeed. Two examples of Justin's shallowness - 1) his knee jerk promise to implement ALL of the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission before considering the cost and practicality or even sitting down with First Nations leaders. 2) His reported refusal to accept a full briefing in the last day or two on the TPP.


Dear Wiseguy:

Unfortunately, you may be right. The McGuinty/Wynne Liberals of Ontario have demonstrated that to be a winning strategy.

Metasyntactic variable

I think Trudeau is Canada's answer to Obama: someone more talented at campaigning than governing.

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