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November 25, 2015


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Wow, that's a big spread between the Reuters and RealClearPolitics. They did update this morning - and their numbers on Trump are still on the low side compared to Reuters.


Good point Autoguy.

Though they did update this morning, there is still a huge 2-week gap in their day from the 19th to the 30th. Furthermore, if you looking in the polling data before the 19th, the Reuters poll is never incorporated. Why not? Isn't this supposed to be a neutal aggregator site that takes everything?

What is so wrong with the Reuters poll that RCP refuses to even add it in?

Stranger and stranger...


Yeah - and the web is full of reports like "Republicans panicking over Trump's staying power". It seems like Drudge has that up just about every day. Some even suggest that the R's old guard would back Hillary if Trump is the nominee.


You also have to expect that Trump's numbers will go up after the deadly, tragic San Bernadino attack...


AND, why has CanadianCincinnatus not updated his wonderful blog all month?? There's more out there than that Trump to discourse on. Is the GOP dead? Should it be? How hopeless can things get?


Dear DPT:

Thank's for noticing!

The reason for my absence on the internet was that I was extremely busy at work. Just didn't have the mental space available to composing essays. But have no fear, this has cleared up.

I have a bunch of non-topical articles to go but I am not sure if I want to post during the holidays. These are traditionally times of light blog traffic.

Will be back after the holidays, that's for sure.

Dan Mancuso

I kept checking, and wondering myself too...I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas...if that's OK...


Merry Christmas to you Dan.

And thanks for asking. Coming back with kick-ass articles when the holidays are over.

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