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December 29, 2015


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The problem with Trump is that he is a fantastic real estate promoter but has zero experience with everything else. I don't think selling a piece of land to a Chinese guy qualifies him to "know how China thinks". Or that building a golf course is the same as building a beautiful wall paid for by the Mexicans.

He is a breath of fresh air from the current lame GOP senators who are good at criticizing the president but are incapable of advancing a conservative agenda. Trump is a great promoter but there is nothing in his skillset that suggests he would be god at any part of being president.


Agreed Skeptic.

But like you, I think he is a breath of fresh air. His candidacy is like a wrecking ball clearing out the underbursh of the GOP.


I think we all risk embarassing ouselves if we underestimate Trump. He didn't become such a success by accident. He is a brilliant businessman and I suspect he will make a great president and statesman. I also think that his bombastic style is a deliberate sandbagging move. It has been brilliantly successful at making his opposition underestimate him, and that in itself is a coup.

I really like Cruz, but I think that Trump's style is what is really needed to actually clear out the GOP. Cruz would make a perfect VP, and a great successor to Trumps two terms.


WiseGuy, we agree completely. Trump was number one in his class at the Wharton School. THE WHARTON SCHOOL. Smart as you could possibly want. Furthermore, he runs a large multinational conglomerate, and interfaces with politicians all the time in that roll. That alone qualifies him to be president. Furthermore, he knows how to choose people for his team, something most politicians DON'T know how to do. They concentrate on handing out appointments to people they owe instead of competent people. Trump owes NOBODY and should reverse that trend if elected.
And like WiseGuy, I would LOVE to see a Trump/Cruz ticket.

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