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January 26, 2016


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from a reliable source - shotgun, double barrel

Don Morris

Yes,as a hunter,I've been waiting for the calls for gun control,the speechifying by Wendy Cukier and Heidi Rathjen, but so far, not a word.

I guess being Indian over trumps gun control.
Rock caved for many reasons,one being the Indian vote almost always goes Liberal, another being resistance by Indian politicians who in many cases feared being assassinated by their own Band members, and undoubtedly because,as you say,the politicians of this Country are scared shitless of armed resistance, especially from a designated victim group.

Now there's been a middle-aged white guy in Calgary armed with a shotgun,shot to death by cops before he could do any harm, so maybe, just maybe we'll hear something from the usual suspects.

I figure my days as a hunter are numbered, expect some form of confiscation as soon as there's an incident that doesn't involve a victim group.

Peter Abbruzzese

The assumption here seems to be that if the gun was registered the shooting would never have taken place. The long gun registry would have had ZERO impact on this crime or any mass shootings.
Do you really think the shooter would have thought " Oh my, this shotgun is registered, I can't use this....." Seriously ?? When a bad person wants to do bad things a registry won't stop them AT ALL !!
Mental health and societal decay are the real issues here.


Hi Peter:

I'm in 100% agreement with you.

My point is not that the long-gun registry is good for anything, but that the Libs might try to use it to score points. So far it hasn't happened, but I wanted to be ahead of the curve.

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