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January 12, 2016


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Conservatives always want hyper-masculine men as leaders. That is why Sarah Palin had to talk about huntin' and skinnin' animals. It's also why conservatives always portray their opponents as weak, effeminate pussies. John Wayne would've been a great president. You know you believe that.


The same psychological logic works for liberals as well. It is independent of ideology. It is much more basic than that.

Consider how some liberals have approvingly referred to Bill Clinton as "the Big Dog", in spite of the fact that he has been credibly accused of rape.


Alf, you completely miss the point. We don't care about male or female, feminine or masculine. We want the Alpha. Thatcher comes to mind as a prime example. Kim Campbell comes to mind as the opposite. We also really liked Harper (to varying degrees) and there is NO doubt that Harper is an Alpha.
Betas and Omegas will cave to demands from opponents in inappropriate ways and be happy with what they get. Neville Chamberlain comes to mind. Alphas will stand firm and throw demands back into the teeth of their opponents. John F. Kennedy comes to mind ("Ich Bin Ein Berliner").


Actually, Alf, JW would have made a great POTUS. After he threw the first weaselly advisor out through the oval office window the rest of his team would know that there was a serious man in charge.

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