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February 12, 2016


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you do get that ghomeshi has been getting away with this type of thing for thirty years, right?

if he assaulted these women without prior explicit consent, he goes down.

if the women perjured themselves or obstructed justice, there's penalties for that too.

one possibility does not exclude the other.



I agree that the witnesses should probably be charged with perjury. But then if that happens, what evidence did they present against Ghomeshi?

You do get that the accused can only be convicted by evidence that is presented in a trial, and that in this case no evidence at all was presented?


What the feminists and their leftie allies seem to want is to strip the presumption of innocence from men accused of any offence against women.
It's not that I don't believe the accusations against Jian Ghomeshi. It's that the evidence does not support these accusations.
Who would write little love letters to her abuser after a vicious assault?
Really, the prosecutors should be sacked. And the police investigators. Yes, this is a culture war.


Right on the money Johnny D.

The only place where I would disagree is that I think the prosecutors and the police investigators knew that their case was a dog, but were forced to proceed, where they normally wouldn't have.

Don't forget that the then-police chief was Bill Blair, who was angling for a place in the Liberal Party (which he has since found). And the prosecutors have to answer to the Wynne government. I don't think I need to elaborate on the motivations of the latter.


You know that there are still women here that are victims? Never forget that. Once you have unfortunately been a victim of crime you will loose your lefty-progressive attitude.


Thing is, this supposed abuse of his is supposed to be systemic and pervasive, and yet, of all the ladies allegedly violated, the best ones to use to prosecute were these 3, who's camplaint dates back a decade, and who arent the best at all. Instead they are lying, colluding, scorned, fame and civil suit $ seeking, likely Borderline Personality females.
If anything, its a reflection of our 50 shades of Grey loving society and the mixed signals sent by them to Jian that is the issue here. -(from a left-winger).


Dear Mary:

I have not spoken about the other complainants because I have not heard their story yet.

I am a law and order guy, but I also insist on due process. The point of my article is that the due process rights, such as the right to cross-examine your accusers is critical for the determination of guilt.

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