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April 18, 2016


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old white guy

well, cininati, the gop has a screwed up system. if it were card carrying
members only all across America, then you would be correct, but it is not. it is a bastardized open vote here, closed vote there and is ridiculous. if you think trump is stupid then you must think Hillary should be in a straight jacket.


I'm with "old white guy".
The problem is that if Cruz and Trump don't shelve their egos and join forces, a large percentage of their followers will be sitting out the vote.
They either bury the hatchet or they get buried.


OWG, you're correct but you leave out the real issue; the state parties set their own rules. They have guidelines on those rules from the national party, but they have several 'menu options' they can use in choosing a candidate. Many of those options are available to prevent non GOP voters from nominating a 'poison candidate'. And YES, that can and has happened in the US system.
Don't like the system? Then change it. But Cincinnatus is absolutely right, Trump is wrong - and he is doing himself harm right now. I doubt that Trump hard-core supporters are going to change their minds, but people like me who could have supported Trump are thinking twice now.
Anyways, he's still better than Hillary or Bernie.


Like everybody here, I have no use for the GOP aparatchniks.

But state rules, like the ones in Colorado, have been around a long time. The voting method in Colorado has been around since 1912!

We must remember that the US is NOT a democracy. It has been explicitly set up as a republic. What's the difference? A republic has checks and balances in it. The word democracy does not appear once in the US constitution. If you want to know more, read The Federalist Papers, written by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay.

To corroborate this point, Abraham Lincoln came into the 1860 GOP convention second in delegates, and remained second until the third ballot.

If a system is good enough for Lincoln - Abraham LIncoln! - it's good enuf for a pay-to-play NYC real estate developer.


Trump is playing a political game with these states. Most people are not going to read or understand an article describing various state candidate selection processes, let alone the Federalist Papers.
The GOP should understand this and modify their processes to satisfy the mood of the electorate, if they want to win. In the mean time, non-democratic nominations are a low hanging fruit.


So let me get this straight, the rules of the game need to be changed because Trump lied?


The GOP will change the rules of those states because it makes them look bad to Joe Voter. This is neccessary because Trump (and in the future, somebody else, maybe even a Democrat) will make political hay out of it if they don't.
So the answer is "Yes".


You realize that the rules for primary contests are made at the state level and that Reince Prebius and the RNC have no influence over them?

Bottom-up, grass-roots democracy, you might say,


Like Joe Voter, I don't know who makes these rules. I'm just saying that the rules in these states are now a very real political liability.


You know what would really help?

If the RNC called out Trump on his falsehoods.

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