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April 04, 2016


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Scott M

I agree however I don't think it matters, Clinton is going to win it.


I guess it all depends on what you believe Trump's reason for running is. He doesn't need to use graft to enrich himself. He can play dictator far more freely in his business empire than he could reasonably expect to do as President -- he isn't stupid. If it's idolatry he is seeking, he would have to have a long-term plan to achieve it; the short-term prospects are not looking good.
Being POTUS or any other elected office holder doesn't ask much of a candidate -- just get yourself elected. So can we believe that Donald Trump wants to be President because he sees his country in trouble and himself as one who can make things better? He is running on the theme "what have you got to lose" and if I could vote down there I'd say, "hell yeah, couldn't be any worse than what we're sure to get with anyone else." Now please don't condescend to people who are willing to give him a try. A Preston Manning is not what the USA needs, more like a Pinochet, but they'll have to settle for Trump because he is the only real chance for change.

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