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May 12, 2016


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"... and since they are the direct descendants of the amendments that were finally adopted ..."

psst: that's not what "descendant" means; the word you want is "ancestor"


What great lengths liberal hacks will go to to demonize those who want to own a gun. Freely own, without undue interference from the government.
Strange that the benefits of an armed populace are never mentioned.
Strange that the impact on violent crime of the 'will-carry' revolution is never mentioned.
Strange how the impact of disarming the populace usually causes violent crime rates to go up.
Then again, maybe those things aren't strange at all...


If you talk to the people fighting gun control on our behalf, like Tony Bernardo of the CSSA, they will tell you that the most politically incorrect aspect of the gun control debate in Canada is self-defence. The other side really goes into spasms when you mention that.

Personally, I think the self-defence issue is the key to victory in this debate. It was in the States. The debate was won when shall-issue concealed carry laws were passed. This converted may people, who would not otherwise be gun people, to the right side of the debate.


We need to be bold on this issue to win it.
Demand mandatory open carry for the entire population and negotiate it back to Shall-Issue concealed carry.

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