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May 16, 2016


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old white guy

s proven me wrong.


If Trump only builds a wall, enforces already written laws,and appoints constitutional judges, then he will be far, far better than the last two "conservative" presidents (Bush) and far better than Obama or Hillary.
Vote for the hat. It may be your last chance.
Mulroney was still better than Trudeau and Chretien better than either.
Chretien was a crook.
So there you have it pragmatically, forget Can. Cins. advice.


I agree BMatkin that if Trump builds a wall, enforces written laws and appoints constitutional judges he will be better than GWB, let alone Obama.

But where did you get the idea that he will do the latter of the two things? Not from anything he said.

And as far as amnesty is concerned, he is already backing off. He just got a $100 million from GOP fat-cat donor Sheldon Adelson. What's Adelson's big issue? Cheap immigration. He needs low-paid workers at his hotels every bit as much as Trump does. One of the reasons Rubio stuck to the amnesty party=line was that he was being bankrolled by Adelson. I wonder what kind of deal Trump struck with Adelson behind closed doors?

Then again, we don't have to wonder. Because in the fine print of Trump's immigration plan is touch-back LEGALIZATION OF ILLEGALS. Yup. Go read it.

I think Trump is playing us conservatives for suckers. Once the deal between him and conservative supporters was signed, he moved on. Today it is Adelson. Tomorrow it will be white working-class Sanders supporters.

We have already seen Trump at peak conservative. From here on in he will get steadily more liberal. Welcome to New York values.


Trump said a number of times that he will appoint conservative judges.
Someone asked him about abortion and his reply was basically... the president really can't do anything about it other than appoint conservative judges, which I will do.

Bill Elder

The fix is in no matter who you vote for, it is their monied oligarchs agendas that go forward not yours.

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