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May 05, 2016


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Gabby in QC

I frankly cannot understand why some Canadian conservatives admire a blowhard and outright liar like Trump. In the link to the Fox interview, Trump clearly links Cruz's father to Harvey Oswald yet he denies having done so in this CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer (at about the 3:50 mark).
Trump's favourite word is "a disgrace". What is a disgrace is that a once respectable party has sunk to such a low level in choosing Trump as its candidate.

Fran Auger

Good analysis - I have been off the Fox primetime shows for 3 months and have no intention of wasting my time on the drivel that is spewed in favour of Trump. What am I watching - BNN - lol. Thanks, enjoy your blogging.


I don't know. Trump supporters will tell you that in no way did Fox promote their man. In fact, many of them are critical of the way Fox has covered Trump. Honestly CC, I think your continual criticism of Donald Trump is a little over the top. He's obviously struck a chord with a lot of people. Sure you may prefer a "pure" conservative like Ted Cruz, but a Hillary Clinton Presidency is the real danger here. There is no perfect candidate, but I'd take the Donald over Hillary any day of the week. Hillary is the ultimate Washington insider whose perspective hardly extends beyond the Beltway. Both parties (esp. the GOP)need a major shake-up and it's going to take someone like Trump to do it.

Bill Elder

Cinci, I think you give Fox news veiwers too much credit for discerning taste. Fox was always an echo chamber for Bush cult GOP oligarchy and Trump upset that apple cart with his populist campaign and FOX played with the party numbers not the brass commands, so the GOP capos (and their lock-step cult) took their business elsewhere.

As for the Cruz-Oswald story - it was originally an NI story ( for which they recieved no slander claims) which was confirmed by LH Oswald's long term girl friend who said Cruz was one of Lee's pro-Castro pamphleteer "crew".

Interestingly enoug, and I'm sure just another stark "coincidence" is the journalist who broke this story before the GOP convention was found dead of gunshot in the stair well of his apartment with an untracable revolver found beside the body - all coincidence I'm sure - just like Trump's popularity

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