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May 11, 2016


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Cincinnatus, who would be worse: Trump or Clinton?


Good question, Autoguy. Both are truly awful. I am glad I am not an American voter.

But what I would tell American voters is the principle I followed all through the 80's when I refused to vote for the Clark/Mulroney/Campbell tories, while hating the Liberals, and finding the NDP unacceptable: you don't owe your vote to anybody. If somebody is deserving of your vote, they have to prove it to you (not the other way around)).


For me, I believe I would take a chance on Trump. I believe that the foreign policy of the US would be the most at risk compared to Hillary - that is where things could get REALLY screwed up. But domestically I believe he would be better and immigration is MY biggest concern - Trump wins hands down there.

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