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May 26, 2016


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Eric Doll

Russia isn't that much different from Canada wrt how rulers are selected. Our leftists (Clintons excepted) don't resort to bloodshed when they "arrange" for their figureheads to hold positions of power but they are just as devious and, unfortunately, effective.


I don;t take a back seat to anybody on my disgust at our left-wing intelligentsia, but "resorting to bloodshed" and "not resorting to bloodshed" is a divide far greater than the Grand Canyon.

All too many people living in places like Canada and the US have no clue at all about what living under a real gangster state is like.

old white guy

interesting that you think Putin has anything to do with conservatism.


Dear Old White Guy:

I don't (he's a communist thug), but a disturbing number of western conservatives (who I label Putin-lovers) do.

Eric Doll

Gotta love being a conservative - instead of drinking each other's bathwater, liberal-style, we debate finer points of expression. My point was that politics under all labels is a high-stakes competition between people who gain and hold power by deceiving and sometimes cowing the masses. Blood might be shed, tree of liberty and all, but tyrant and dilettante PM both owe their success to the machinations to which the people ultimately accede. BTW, my ancestors fled the atrocities inflicted on Central Europe out of the East and the West.

Bill Elder

September seems to be a popular month for false flag attacks to produce a favorable political atmosphere for wars on the scapegoated culprits. It's an old formula, Putin could have fit in nicely to the CIA and US shadow power structure - same inhuman manipulators in a different continent.

Putin and Allan Dulles could share notes


If they shared notes, Dulles would learn a hellova lot more than Putin.

The US won the cold war but they lost the intelligence aspect of that war to the Soviets. The KGB was (and its successor organizations, the SVR and the FSB, are) light years better in this regard. For instance the KGB invented and perfected the false flag operations. Any such operations the CIA ran were small-scale and amateur-hour in comparison.

Bill Elder

"If they shared notes, Dulles would learn a hellova lot more than Putin."

In Russia they use purges and gulags, and false flag terror to foment policy direction - in the US they run patsy assassinations and orchestrate convenient "suicides/accidents" (like Scalia) to accomplish the same thing.

I put Putin and the UA shadow power structure in the same heap. No white hats in deep politics Cinci.

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