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June 09, 2016


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old white guy

ya, they voted in conservatives and they screwed them over. the liberal republicans will be the traitors they are and like Canada it does not matter much who you vote for.


Here's the deal.
Every candidate for office is flawed. So, pick the one that is the best shot at getting your agenda done.

This is the problem with conservatives. "Hey, let's wait until we have the perfect candidate and then support that person on principled grounds"

The problem and the solution are the same thing. All conservatives have check lists of attributes they find important and feel like they cannot support someone who doesn't make the full list. This is just dumb.
There is also a "maybe" or possibly column, good or bad.
So, check the list and pick the person that fills as many slots as possible and as much "maybe" in the good column as possible.
That's it because that's all you got.
You want to vote for Jesus you have to die first, other than that stop being some sort of Puritan.


Donald Trump is not an ordinary politician with ordinary set of virtues and flaws, like John Boehner or even Ted Cruz. He is a conman through and through, Look at all his deep contacts with high-level Democrats.

There is a reason why so many thoughtful, rock-ribbed, anti-establishment conservatives are recoiling from him in a way that they didn't recoil from the deeply flawed McCain and Romney. Trump is a wild card who - as far as we can tell - can do anything. A man like that shouldn't be in charge of America's foreign policy.


I'd way rather have an actual American in charge of foreign policy than the current president. Even if Obama was born in America as they claim he is not an American. He is 100% against America and everything it stands for. His first foreign policy act as president was an apology tour. Even Clinton has some love for her country. Not much but some.

Trump on the other hand, is 100% pro-America and completely unafraid to call a spade a spade.


I think that the support that Trump gets may actually benefit the RINO GOP senate candidates. He has pulled in record support for the primary so far and, since he has drawn a fair number of swing voting supporters, the RINOs are perfectly positioned to get their votes on election day. This may at least cancel out part of their loss of conservative support.
A prudent conservative should start supporting Trump as soon as possible, in order to encourage him to adopt a more conservative posture rather than to see him follow the interests of his left leaning supporters.


I don't know about the other races, but this article would suggest that Trump is not a negative drag on Rubio, Toomey, or Portman.


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