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January 24, 2017


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I agree with you on O'leary but I would point out that Trump does have executive experience - in fact much more so than Kennedy, Clinton, Obama combined. Unless one defines executive experience exclusively as in holding political office - which I don't.


I agree with all your points. I will add that politics and governance should be seen as serious undertakings. O'Leary and Trump act like buffoons, which reflects badly on them and the body politic as a whole. Fortunately, there are alot of great options to consider (Bernier, Chong, O'Toole, maybe Raitt)


Hi Chris:

I am deeply disturbed the the recent trend to treat political leadership as an unserious exercise in self-actualization. To keep our freedoms we need to get back to treating important decisions like this seriously.

My worry about the CPC leadership race is that there are too many great options, splitting the serious vote between them, allowing O'Leary to win with 100% of the yahoos behind him. A similar dynamic happened south of the border with the GOP.


I too have been disturbed by some of O'Leary's statements. I do believe that there is a need to shake up the establishment but O'Leary isn't that guy.

old white guy

I am betting that the trump presidency will be very good.


Just as a note in the future, I will posting under real name Miles Lunn as I am now self-employed so no need to use a pseudonym.

Fully agree though on this. O'Leary has said so many dumb things that making attacks ads against him will be supereasy for the Liberals. Winning 2019 will be tough no matter who we choose, but at least with Chong, O'Toole, or Raitt and perhaps even Bernier I think we have a shot or at the very least can reduce Trudeau to a minority. By contrast O'Leary will likely ensure a bigger Liberal majority and more worrisome if the Liberals think they have the next election in the bag they are more likely to do stupid things than if they are scared of losing.

It's not that he is rich that people dislike, but he comes across as an arrogant jerk which people generally don't like. Arguing for lower taxes to promote economic growth and remain globally competitive is a vote winning argument. Arguing for lower taxes out of personal greed is a huge turnoff. Arguing that the left is distorting the stats on income inequality is reasonable and the Tories should do more of that, saying its fantastic 68 people have more wealth than 3.5 billion is not (note Oxfam cherry picks facts to make things seem a lot more shocking than they really are).

With recent polls showing Trudeau only having a single digit lead, he can be beaten in 2019, so lets choose someone who can do it instead of throwing the election away. As for Donald Trump we are not the US never mind by 2019 I suspect his approval rating will be horrible unless he is impeached before then (the GOP will happily toss him overboard if they think he hurts their chances in 2020).


Hi money, er. I mean Miles:

I agree wth all your points, but particularly the last one, that the GOP will happily toss Trump under themes the moment he becomes unpopular. On that point, I recently heard a podcast interview of a congressional insider who estimated that 85% of Republican congressmen are completely freaked out by Trump's erratic behaviour.


I love O'Leary, love Trump, What are all you a bunch of establishment losers?
As usual Cincinn is wrong, and has thus been so since he jumped on the Never Trump train.
"Statesman like behavior" and that applies to Trudeau? Good grief man, are you into selective angst or what?
How about electing someone who has been successful at something other than screwing the taxpayer their entire lives. In the case of Trudeau, never actually holding a job.
Cincinn, you and Glenn Beck have been to the Kool-aid tank a few times too many.


Dear bmatkin:

When did I ever say Trudeau was statesmanlike?


Cin: Have you ever posted here that Trudeau was NOT statesmanlike? Then you posted that Trump and O'Leary need to be statesmanlike.
This is a golden case of selective angst. You were wrong about Trump, and you're probably wrong about O'Leary.
In fact, the last thing we need is a professional politician that is statesmanlike. We need a slugger.
We need less decorum and more do what matters.
By not attacking Trudeau, you then appear to be disingenuous in your desire to laud the "virtue" of statesmanlike.


Bmatkin, I am a qualified Trump supporter. I like the work he has done so far a great deal. O'Leary isn't the same type of animal AT ALL. He is a fiscal conservative, sure, but some of the others things that have come out of his mouth have been flat out terrible. Check it out and prepare to be surprised.


"Have you ever posted here that Trudeau was NOT statesmanlike? Then you posted that Trump and O'Leary need to be statesmanlike."

Ladies and gentlemen: this is Trump-era logic in a nutshell. If you are against x, then you must be for y. If you haven't said you are against A, then you must secretly be for A. Everything is digital. There are no shades of gray. There are no answers besides Us and Them.


Cincinn: Right, there are no shades of gray, there is only us or them anything else falls under "Red Tory" or "Rino".
Harpooning any ally is a luxury of the past. If that ally is "bad enough" then they are no more an ally, but part of the enemy.
This is why we are in a mess, we compromised and compromised and woke up one day finding that traditional Canadian values were replaced by multiculturalism and snowflake unicorn farts.
How did we ever let "human rights tribunals" even exist?
Pointing out your policy disagreements with O'Leary is one thing, but you didn't do that you went straight to ad hominem attacks.


"Harpooning any ally is a luxury of the past. If that ally is "bad enough" then they are no more an ally, but part of the enemy."

A Kremlin-Stooge is the Enemy.

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