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January 17, 2017


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Got to agree overall, with a caveat.
I listen to Hannity. He could be construed as part of the problem, but I have heard him continue to be intellectually honest. He has specifically called out the trillion dollar infrastructure as something he is uncomfortable with - unless it can be "paid for as we go". So there is a problem, but it is not yet endemic to the right.
The point for me is that the conservative media has a long way to fall to reach the level of the left. And that also presents a problem.
When we, as conservatives, are presented with falsehoods on a daily basis from our political opponents - RANK falsehoods - we cannot simply say "let me do my homework and get back to you". And we are human; we cannot have the answer to every low shot at the tip of our fingers. So how do we respond?
I see some value in rejecting leftist arguments out of hand. When so many of the charges brought by the left are morally and intellectually bankrupt, they MUST lose credibility. Correction; we must MAKE them lose credibility. We can only make them lose credibility if we call them on it. Every. Single. Time.
In my view, the average leftist doesn't care about the truth. They simply want something to stick. If we spend time and effort responding to each base attack in a 'proper' fashion, then they are winning.
I suppose that we must do our best to separate the garbage from the legitimate, but that is becoming increasingly difficult to do. When media outlets like the New York Times loses touch with reality, what do we call legitimate?


I really, really disagree.
The liberals or the voter who votes based on low information will not change their minds due to logic or facts. These people don't even see or cognitively identify logic or facts.
The only thing that works is Mockery.
Only by mocking the left does the left start understanding just how irrational their ideas and beliefs are.
Facts don't work, mockery does.

John Drake

Along these lines, you might find this article thought-provoking - http://thefederalist.com/2017/01/23/donald-trump-first-president-turn-postmodernism/

Miles Lunn

No real disagreement. I think one can criticize media bias or certainly one can give an alternative viewpoint, but it should be based on facts not paranoia. Also the rise of fake news which the Trump fans seem to love is not helpful at all. That is my major concern with conservatism is too many, especially south of the border are going on fake news and wild conspiracies and this never ends well. Leave those types for the fringes, not the mainstream of the movement.

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